CRM Integration

CRM Integration #

If a customer is using one of the ~.UcClient.~ CRM User Add-Ons, there may be some additional configuration needed to ensure they can login into the plugin successfully.

In order to maintain a high level of security, ~.Dimensions.~ only supports login through an iFrame if it is from a known source. If a customer using one of the CRM providers standard domains (e.g. or, no additional configuration is necessary.

If a custom domain name as been applied to the CRM package, it will need to be added here so that ~.Dimensions.~ knows it has a trusted source and will allow user logins to proceed.

Adding a Domain #

To add a new domain, press the '+ New' button and then populate the following parameters:

  • CRM Provider - Select the CRM type the domain is for (e.g Salesforce, Freshdesk, Dynamics 365)
  • Domain - Enter the domain including the 'https://' prefix
Document note
Custom domains cannot be edited directly. To edit a domain, delete it and create a new one.