Client Profiles

Client Profiles #

Client Profiles are used to control specific features of ~.UcClient.~ clients, allowing them to be restricted from certain users or customized.

Default Client Profile #

Each account is configured with a System default client profile which is assigned to all users by default. This profile cannot be removed or customized, it exposes all features of the ~.UcClient.~ clients.

All new users added to the system without an explicit client profile, will be assigned this one.

Profile Settings #

Allow presence selection

When enabled, users will be presented with a list of presence states to choose from. If disabled, presence profiles will not be visible to the user and their presence will automatically be reset to 'Available'.

Allow presence profile overrides

When this is disabled, users can select their current presence, but they will not have access to override the routing associated with it. When enabled, users can choose which of their devices will ring and for how long on each of the available profiles.

Hand Left warning
Any profile customizations will be lost if a user has the ability to override presence profiles removed.

This option is only available if 'Allow presence selection' is enabled.

Allow ACD status control

When enabled (and the user has been given an Agent Role), users will be presented with the ACD control features within ~.UcClient.~ clients. This will allow them to log in/out, as well as set themselves into an 'Away' or 'Free' status.

Color Wand tip
For users that are purely ACD based, it may be beneficial to disable presence selection so there is no confusion between presence and ACD status.

Allow queue availability control

When enabled, ACD users will be able to change their availability in individual queues, allowing them control over which queues they wish to take calls from. When disabled, they can only change their overall availability. This option is only available if 'Allow ACD status control' is enabled.

Document note
Users can only change their availability in queues they have already been made a member of.

User Assignment #

The users tab allows you to view which users are already using the profile and allows you to assign or un-assign users as required.

Un-assigning a user will revert them back to the system default profile.

Document note
A user can only be assigned to one profile at a time. Assigning a user to a profile will automatically remove them from the one they are currently assigned to.