General Settings

General Settings #

These settings control various system level aspects of the portal.

Portal - Feature Visibility #

By default, all features of the solution are displayed to users. In order to simplify the interface for users, specific areas of the solution can be hidden if they are not relevant. To hide a specific feature, simply un-check the relevant options.

Location #

Setting Description Default
Country The country selected here will control how phone numbers are formatted in reports and any other regional based changes. N/A
Time Zone When running reports, call/status times will be converted to this time zone. In addition, real-time daily stats will be reset at midnight base on this timezone. Time Zone of your Customer Account
Session Timeout Users will be logged out of the portal if inactive beyond this duration. 120

Compliance #

For companies where customer/client data is sensitive, it can be important to ensure that call information stored on the system is not personally identifiable. This includes ensuring that someone can not lookup a name using a phone number as search parameter or visa versa.

When the Suppress CName setting is enabled, the Caller ID name associated with a call (and any contact match data) will not be saved historically within the call data. This provides an extra layer of security to ensure that names can not be linked to telephone numbers where data sensitivity is an issue, with the aim to remove personally identifiable information from call records.

Information Circle info
Caller ID name and contact match information will still be available to Real-Time and ~.UcClient.~ clients while the call is in progress.