Call Tags

Call Tags #

Call tagging is a flexible feature designed to allow custom information to be added to call records, giving them context outside the communications platform and improving call reports.

This section provides information on the call tag configuration options. For information on how call tags can be used, refer here.

Creating Call Tags #

Call tags can be managed from the 'Settings' area of the portal. Any user with the 'Manage Customer Settings' permission can add or edit tags.

To add a call tag, simply press the '+ Add Tag' button. Each tag must be given a 'Name' which will then be visible on Call List and Filters.

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Once tag instances have been created, they cannot be deleted. This is so that historical tag data can always be reported on and filtered.

Tag Types #

Each tag instance must be given a specific tag type. The values tagged against the call will then be validated against the tag type parameters.

Value Types Parameters Example Usage
Text N/A - Tag values can be anything up to 50 characters in length. Adding custom information such as reference numbers.
Yes/No N/A Flagging calls as VIP or a Sale.
Pick List When this type is selected, one or more valid items must be added on the 'Items' tab before saving. Categorize calls by type or outcome.
Numeric Enter a valid range in which the number value tagged can fall between. Rate a call for performance.
Link Record Enter a valid URL with a place holder {value} where the tagged data will be inserted.
Add a reference number with a link, such as an Order or Support Ticket number.

Apply a default value #

The default value can be used to tag calls without providing a value. When a default value is enabled, the tag URL can be called without the {value} parameter being provided. When this happens, the default value will be used.

Tag URLs #

Each tag instance can be used with one of the tag URLs listed below.

For more information on constructing call tag URLs, please refer here.

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The tag URLs are only displayed once a tag instance has been created. If creating a new tag instance, save it and edit to see the unique tag URLs.
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Ensure the region in the URL matches the region where your system is hosted:

Call Flow URL

This URL is to be used when tagging calls using a Webhook on the communications platform. In this scenario, only the tag id and value are needed as part of the URL. The callid for the call to tag is automatically provided by the communications platform.{value}

External URL

These URLs can be used when tagging calls from an external application (or phone). In this scenario, the ~.Dimensions.~ user id or Presence Id (extension no) for the user tagging the call needs to be provided. This will be used to identify which call to tag with the value.{value}&userId={userId}

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The ~.Dimensions.~ user Id can be found in the URL of the portal when editing a user.