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Release Notes #

Release history of the solution with information on new features as they are added.

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Documentation version - 1.91.2

Releases #

1.91.0 - March 26th, 2024 #


Area Description
Customer Portal
  • Introduction of a REST API for contact directory management (enables integration within Zapier)
  • Agent state set to 'Busy (non-ACD)' when performing eavesdrop on
  • - Support for contact directory phone routing with Pivots
  • 3CX - Improve Console Output when user has not configured a PBX Config on ~,Dimensions.~
  • 3CX - Support for contact directory phone routing with call flows
  • 3CX - Auto upgrade support
  • 3CX - Handle users with no first/last name
  • New report template for Call List User Segmented
  • Additional ring duration thresholds can be created in Workspace settings
~.UcClient.~ Web
  • Beta release of ~.UcClient.~ Web Edition client


Area Description (Ticket)
  • - Handle receiving spurious CHANNEL_DESTROY
  • 3CX - Incoming call to queue not showing as Busy ACD in specific scenario when user has multiple devices
  • Yealink not receiving directories
  • BLF support for phone only devices
  • Route path reports failing (#51898)
  • Exclude transferred out calls in completed calls
  • Time in the Agent Status Detail report are not shown in local time (#51764)
  • Filter with 'does not contain' with Queue Name field not working
~.UcClient.~ Desktop
  • Unable to open call session view when locale is set to en-AU.

1.90.0 - February 13th, 2024 #

Hand Left warning
Breaking changes - Current user presence states will be lost on roll-out and reverted to the default 'Available'. Users will be required to set their presence manually after. This will not affect the current routing settings that a user has configured.


Area Description
Customer Portal
  • Ability to configure a Workspace as the default for new users.
  • Canadian French/Mexican Spanish localization improvements
  • ACDC - Support for user-based eavesdropping
  • 3CX - Global contact match support
  • 3CX - Call tagging support from Callflows
  • 3CX - Map Extended Presence to Away State Reason
  • 3CX - Do not treat RoutePoints as having answered a call
  • 3CX - Ext/ring groups added to pick lists in filters
  • 3CX - Handle international number formatting with multiple international trunks
  • New Customer Profiles support added including new 'Insights' offering
  • FireTV count added to the Onboarding Customer metrics
  • Increased page size when querying for accounts to 10,000
  • New license to support suppressing new user emails
  • Add support for custom away reasons per tenant
  • Exclude LOSE_RACE, NO_USER_RESPONSE, NO_USER_RESPONSE & UNSPECIFIED hangup causes from user grouped reports to improve performance on 'All-ring' groups
~.UcClient.~ CRM
  • Support for Zendesk Support has now been added.


Area Description (Ticket)
  • Hang-up cause is not a valid filter column (#51704)
  • Can still log agents in when do not have 'Supervisor Agent Control' role (#51670)
  • Tenants with multiple PBXs can cause all groups not to be shown (#51789)
  • Filtering by user number does not work for some call scenarios
  • Unable to call user from the agent grid without the user number as a visible column
  • Dashboard talk time increases when a call is on hold
  • User/Agent grid performance enhancements with large numbers of users
  • Setting an alarm on a time value on the agent/user/queue grid removes values on the grid
  • Unreturned lost call stuck in dashboard (#51531)
  • Duplicate stats on a tenant only updates one of them
  • 3CX - Trim pre/post slashes from recording bucket file path
  • 3CX - Support for changes in v20.0.0.1458
  • Unable to save user when removed from Pbx
  • Fixed discrepancy for Unreturned Abandoned Calls on reports and wallboard (#51667)
  • Fix for Agent Summary reports failing (#51784)
  • Negative talk times when receive held before answer (#51764)
  • Missing call due to 'CHANNEL_DESTROY' before 'CHANNEL_CREATE'

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