Contact Directories

Contact Directories Overview #

The Contact Directories resource provides the ability to query and manage directory items on your account.


Available Interfaces #

Interface Description
GET All Returns a collection of configured directories.
GET Directory Returns the details of a specific directory.
Directory Items Endpoints for interacting with directory items using a ~.Dimensions.~ item id.
Directory CRM Items Endpoints for interacting with directory items using a CRMId field.

Directory Schema #

Key Description Type
id Unique identifier for referencing this directory GUID
name User friendly name for the directory string
description Description of the directory's use/contents string
fields List of fields available within the directory string[]

Directory Item Schema #

Each entry in the billing data provides the parameters listed below.

Key Description Type
id a unique id for the contact record within ~.Dimensions.~ GUID
title Contact title (Mr, Mrs, Dr etc.) string
fullName Full name for the contact. This is used in reports and ~.UcClient.~ clients to help users identify callers. string
companyName The name of the company the contact works for. string
jobTitle The contact position with the company. string
phone1 to phone4 A contact email address for the contact. E.164
email Up to 4 different contact telephone number fields string
crmId A unique id for the contact record from an external CRM system string
field1 to field 10 10 fields for carrying any custom data for the contact record string
avatar A photo of the contact. This will be displayed on Connect clients if provided. Photos should be provided in Base64 format. string