Reporting Settings #

The following settings apply to all reports created on the system:

Setting Description Default
Ignore short ringing calls When this setting is enabled, any call marked as short ringing will be ignored. Checked
Short ringing call threshold1 This threshold is used to control which calls are treated as short ringing. Any call with a duration less than this value (in the first segment) will meet the criteria. 10 seconds
Ignore short answered calls When this setting is enabled, any call marked as short answered will be ignored. Checked
Short answered call threshold12 This threshold is used to remove short answered calls from reports so that they do not affect statistics. When configured, any call with a talk time of less than the Short answered threshold will be flagged as 'Short'. These calls can then be filtered out of reports if required. 2 seconds
Local area codes1 To allow the system to identify which calls are local, enter a comma separated list of local area codes here.
Number of outbound lines This setting should be configured with the maximum number of external lines that are available to use on the communications platform. This value is then used to work out the 'Trunk Percent Usage' statistics on the Trunk Usage reports.
Duration group interval This setting controls the interval used for Calls by Duration / Ring Time / Talk Time / Hold time reports. 10 seconds
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There are additional reporting settings which are applied to calls at runtime that need to be configured against a Workspace

Call Tags #

Call tags provide a way to add non-telephony data to call data, giving context to each call and providing improved analytic options.

For more information, please refer to the Call Tags section.

Real-Time Clients #

The 'Real-Time Clients' area provides a list of all Wallboard applications that have been granted access to the system. This includes Wallboard for Amazon Fire TV applications which have been linked to user's accounts. From this area it is possible to see status', link new clients or remove unused ones.

For more information, please refer to the Real-Time Clients section.

  1. Changes to these settings will only affect future calls. Calls already modeled and stored will remain unchanged. ↩︎

  2. The 'Short answered call threshold' setting only applies to non-segmented calls, not individual call segments or connections. ↩︎