Introduction #

Welcome to the ~.Dimensions.~ user portal. This is the primary access point for users to run reports, play recordings, manage contacts and control access to ~.UcClient.~ Desktop, CRM & Softphone features.

Getting Started #

If this is your first visit to the portal, we recommend reviewing the Getting Started section which provides an introduction to the user interface, your individual settings and how some of the core features of the portal work.

Otherwise, use the links below to find information about a specific area or feature.

Color Wand tip
The portal help is context sensitive, clicking the help icon from a particular area of the portal will take you to directly to the help for that feature.
Feature Getting Started Documentation Permissions/Configuration
Call Analytics Monitor staff performance & customer experience using reports and real-time wallboards
Supervisor Access Type
Call Recording Playback telephone calls which you have access to
Recording Playback Recording Access Scope
Contact Directories Upload contact information to enhance reports and provide users with customer information
n/a Contact Management
~.UcClient.~ Clients Client access to ~.Dimensions.~ features including call control, history, voicemail & softphone access
User Management