~.UcClient.~ Embedded

~.Dimensions.~ ~.UcClient.~ - Embedded #

~.UcClient.~ Embedded is an embedded version of the ~.Dimensions.~ ~.UcClient.~ unified which runs from within third-party applications. They are designed to provide communications features that tightly integrate with the application, without the user having to switch between applications.

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The feature set between ~.UcClient.~ Embedded clients will vary depending on the CRM environment it is being deployed in.

Supported Applications #

The following CRMs support ~.UcClient.~ Embedded as an embedded application:

CRM Versions
Clio Standard, Premium, Suite
Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Sales, Project Service, Field Service
Freshdesk Support Growth, Pro, Enterprise
Salesforce Lightning Essentials, Professional, Enterprise & Unlimited
Zendesk Support Team, Growth, Professional & Enterprise
Zoho CRM Enterprise, Ultimate
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Please check the application vendor's documentation for information on versions or license levels required to use ~.UcClient.~ Embedded.

Supported Features #

The list below provides an example of some of the features available to users when using ~.UcClient.~ Embedded. For more specific information, review the application specific documentation.

Feature Description Clio Dynamics 365 Freshdesk Support Salesforce Lightning Zendesk Support Zoho CRM
Dialing Make calls from within ~.UcClient.~ CRM or from within CRM records
Screen Popping Search for and automatically load CRM records based on the number being dialed/received
Task Creation Automatically create call log entries for all calls made by a user
Call History View a history of calls made/received, with a clear indication of missed calls and call source