~.UcClient.~ Desktop

~.UcClient.~ Desktop - Unified Communications #

~.UcClient.~ Desktop is the unified communications solution for the ~.Dimensions.~ platform. The desktop version of ~.UcClient.~ can be run as a CTI client, working with your desktop phone or as a softphone, connecting as a SIP device to the phone system and providing the user to make/receive calls directly from a computer.

It provides access for ~.Dimensions.~ users to control their presence and to see the presence and status of other users within their organization.

Supported Operating Systems #

~.UcClient.~ desktop is supported on the following operating systems:

Operating System Versions Editions Supported
Windows 10, 64bit operating systems only Microsoft Windows 10 - 1903 (10.0.18362.0) release or higher Pro, Pro for Workstations, Education, Pro for Education, Enterprise
Windows 11, 64bit operating systems only All Pro, Pro for Workstations, Education, Pro for Education, Enterprise

Supported Features #

The list below provides an example of some of the features available to users when using ~.UcClient.~ Desktop:

Feature Description Windows 10/11
Dialing Make calls from within ~.UcClient.~ or from other applications using Tel:// URIs
Presence Profiles Provide details of your availability to other users
Softphone Connect as a softphone from where ever you are
Call History Easy access to view calls made/received on any device. Access call recordings (with appropriate permissions)
Voicemail Displays voicemail notifications1 and provides easy access to dial in to retrieve them

  1. Currently available in SIP mode only. ↩︎