Reports #

Historical Reports are a key tool for analyzing call traffic and user/agent status. Through a range of templates, Reports make available all the information stored by the system in an easy to use and customizable interface.

The Reports area provides access to view, modify, delete or create new reports on the system.

Depending on the license being used, the following report types can be accessed:

  • Call List Reports -> List of segmented or non-segmented call data including abandoned and unreturned abandoned calls
  • Summarized Reports -> Reports groups by Device, User, Agent, Queue/Group, Trunk, DID or Start Time

For more information on the types of reports available, please refer to the Report Templates section.

Finding Reports #

The reports grid displays all reports that exist within the active workspace:


If there are a large number of reports in the grid, the search utility can be used to quickly filter the reports displayed.


Color Wand tip
Remember to add commonly used reports to Favorites by clicking on the (Screenshot) icon.

Viewing a Report #

To run a report, click the 'Run' link to submit a request for the report. Depending on the date range for the report and the amount of data being processed it can take a varying amount of time for reports to run.

The status cell will provide feedback on when the report is ready to view.

  • Submitting Request -> The report is waiting to be picked up the report generator
  • Queued -> The report is in the queue and is being processed
  • Report Completed -> The report has been processed successfully

Once the 'Report completed' status appears, click the 'view' link to open the report viewer.

Refer to the Viewing Reports section for information on the report viewer interface.

Other Functions #

The other functions available for report definitions are listed here:

Function Description
Edit Opens the Edit section providing access to modify field selection and initial sorting/filtering etc.
Clone Creates a new report based on the selected report.
Delete Deletes the selected report.1

  1. Deleting a report does not delete the data. Deleted reports cannot be recovered, they must be recreated. ↩︎