Tile Alarms #

Tile alarms provide a way to bring attention to aspects of the telephone system that are running outside of acceptable parameters. Each tile on the system can have one or more real-time alarms configured.

To add an alarm, navigate to the 'Alarms' tab while editing a tile, then press the 'New Alarm' button. Once the alarm properties have been configured, remember to save the tile as well as the newly added alarm.

More than one alarm can be added to a tile to handle different scenarios.

Document note
On grid tiles, alarms have a specific behavior of moving any triggered rows to the top of the grid so that they are easily seen without scrolling.
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Alarms are not available on image and video tiles or for statistics with manual text fields.

Triggers #

The trigger defines when the alarm should be activated. The following comparisons can be used for trigger configuration:

  • '>'
  • '>=
  • '<='
  • 'Between' (inclusive)

The alarm created alarm will be active for as long as the statistic satisfies the criteria specified in the configured trigger.

If the alarm is being created on a multiple statistic tile, the statistic the trigger will be calculated against must be selected from the 'Field' drop down.

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For time-based field, enter the value in seconds to trigger the alarm (e.g. to trigger an alarm at 3 minutes, enter 180 as the value).

Actions #

For each real-time alarm created, one or more of the following actions can be configured:

Flash Tile #

This action will cause the tile to flash to draw attention to itself. The tile will continue to flash while the conditions that caused the trigger remain.

Raise Browser Notification #

This action will display a browser notification when the alarm triggers. This type of alarm is good for getting a user attention, even if they have the dashboard minimized. Clicking on the notification will navigate you to the dashboard tab.

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Notifications will need to be enabled for the website within your browser. Follow the directions on screen and ensure that notifications are not disabled in your browser's settings.
Hand Left warning
If running Microsoft Windows, ensure that 'focus' mode is not enabled. This will prevent the browser notifications for alerting the user.

Change Background Color #

This action will cause the background color of the tile to change to the configured color. The background will revert back to its normal color when the trigger is no longer valid.

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This action type can be used to create a traffic light style tile, where the background color can be changed from green to yellow to red based on changing statistic values.

Change Text Color #

This action will cause the text color of the tile to change to the configured color. The text will revert back to its normal color when the trigger is no longer valid.

Make Tile Full Screen #

This action will cause the tile to display full screen on the view, in front of all other tiles. The tile will revert back to it's original size and location when the trigger is no longer valid, or by double clicking on the tile.

Play Sound #

This action will cause a sound/music file to be played out of the configured speakers of the computer.

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Playing a sound for an alarm is not available on grid based tiles.

Multiple Alarms #

Multiple alarms can be added for a single field on the same tile. This can be useful for performing different actions at different trigger points or to gradually change a tile's color as the field value changes.

For example, if monitoring the 'Longest Waiting' call, alarms could be configured to set the background to yellow if the time goes above 15 seconds and another to set the color to red if it goes above 30 seconds.

Priority #

Alarms are evaluated in the order in which they appear on the tile's configuration. An alarm higher up in the configuration will take priority over an alarm further down.

If a match is found for an alarm which changes one of the tile's properties, any further matches that change the same property will be ignored.

For example, the table below contains two alarms:

Trigger Action
Longest Waiting >= 15 Background Color = Yellow
Longest Waiting >= 30 Background Color = Red

In this example, the background color of the tile would never turn red because the alarm with the 15 second trigger is still active and has priority.

To get the required effect, configure the alarms in the reverse order with the most restrictive alarm first. Alternatively, the between trigger could be used on the first alarm to restrict it:

Trigger Action
Longest Waiting between 15 and 29 Background Color = Yellow
Longest Waiting >= 30 Background Color = Red
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The priority does not effect alarms which generate emails, only alarms which control a tile's property (Background Color, Text Color, Flash, Play Sound and Full Screen).