Contact Directories

Contact Directories #

~.Dimensions.~ provides a contact database feature which allow customer or CRM records to added. These contacts can then be used throughout the solution to provide the following features:

For information on how to configure a contact directory, refer to the Settings section.

Reports #

Contact information is saved alongside call information and can be used treated as other call information when running reports.

Contact fields can be added to call list reports to provide additional information. Contact fields are also available in filters to help when search for specific calls or analyzing specific types of customer.

~.UcClient.~ Clients #

Contact match information is passed through to ~.UcClient.~ clients so that users have additional information about callers when they involved in a telephone call.

Screen Popping #

Where applicable, contact directories can be configured with a screen-pop URL which can be used by ~.UcClient.~ Desktop to provide users with a quick way of accessing a web-based CRM record without implementing a full CRM integration.