Schedules #

Schedules provide an easy way for users to have access to data when they need it, without having to log in and manually run reports. Each schedule created can run multiple reports, each with different date range and filter options. When the schedule runs, links to the reports are sent to the specified users, allowing them to view the output without having to wait for the reports to run.

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When schedules have completed, the selected users will receive an email with links to reports that have been run. To access the reports, users will need a valid login to the portal. Reports are not attached to the email itself to maintain the security of the system.

Managing Schedules #

Each Workspace has its own designated 'Schedules' area which provides a list of all schedules that have been created. From this interface, schedules can be created, edited and deleted. Every schedule has the following property pages that need to be configured:

  • Main Details - Provide a name and description for the schedule to allow users to easily identify it
  • Schedule - Provide details on when the schedule should run
  • Reports - Select the reports and associated filter/date range
  • Email Recipients - Enter the email addresses of the users who will receive the links to the reports run by the schedule

The schedule will run the reports that are configured in the workspace. Reports will always be run in their current configuration, there is no need to update a schedule if a report has been updated.

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Permissions for creating/editing Schedules is controlled at Workspace level.
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The 'Run' option can be used to execute all the reports within a schedule immediately. Using the 'Run' option will not affect the next scheduled time.

Schedule #

The schedule controls when and how often the reports are run.

Recurrence Description Options
Hourly Run the schedule every 'X' hours Select the minute the schedule should run. If required, limit the schedule to certain times of day or days of the week.
Daily Run the schedule once a day Select the time of the schedule should run. If required, limit the schedule to certain days of the week.
Weekly Run the schedule once a week Select the day of the week and time of day the schedule should run.
Monthly Run the schedule every 'X' months1 Select the day of the month and time of day the schedule should run.

Reports #

The reports section of the schedule provides access to choose which reports the schedule will run. Multiple reports can be added to a single schedule, each with its own specific filter and/or date range.

Press the 'Add Report' button to add a report to a schedule. Select one of the Workspace's reports from the drop-down list and then select a filter and date range.

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Up to 5 different reports can be added to a single schedule.

Filter #

Select from one of your pre-configured filters. Each report added to the schedule can be assigned a different filter.

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If a filter is updated, there is no need to edit a schedule using it, the schedule will use the latest version of the filter when it runs.

Date Range #

When selecting a date range, contextual dates such as 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'Last Week' are provided so that the report's data is different every time the schedule is run.

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The start of the week is defined as a Sunday so date ranges such as 'This Week' and 'Last Week' will run from Sunday to Saturday.

Limit to Time Range #

In addition to the date range the report will be run over, the time of day and days of the week can also be restricted. This is useful for only including calls inside of working hours for example.

E.g. If a report is being run for 'Last Week', the time range can be limited to only Weekdays and 9am to 5pm so that only data inside of working hours is included.

Output Type #

For each report added, a different output type can be selected:

  • Website link2 -> The scheduled email will contain a link to the report file.
  • CSV file -> The report will be added as a CSV attachment to email.
  • Microsoft Excel file -> The report will be added as an Excel spreadsheet attachment to the email.

Recipients #

Select one or more email addresses to send the schedule completion email to. The email will contain a link to all the reports that were run as part of the schedule. To view the output of the reports, users should click the relevant link within the email.

Once a report has been opened, users can export the report if they have the appropriate permission.

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To access the scheduled report results, users either require a valid login to the portal or they need to know the pre-shared password for the workspace.

Schedule Limits #

The following default limits are applied to scheduling.

Description Limit
Rows 50,000 per report
Reports 5 per schedule
Schedules 10 per workspace
Schedule Runs 25 per day (max 1 per hour)

  1. The number of months is calculated form the start of the year. If for example a schedule is configured to run every 3 months, it will run in January, April, July & October. ↩︎

  2. Email links in schedules are only valid for 7 days. ↩︎