User Interface

Call Management & Analytics #

This call analytics portal provides a range of tools to analyze the call experience of your customers and monitor staff performance, both historically and in real-time.

The system collects information about all telephone calls, tracking where calls have routed to (including Call Routing Announcements/Auto Attendants) and storing DID, contact information and internal information such as users and agents.

User Interface #

This section provides an overview of the portals user interface, outlining what each area is for.

Home & Navigation Bar #

The 'Home' area is the first screen presented to users when they log into the system. It provides a jumping off point to access all the other features. The navigation bar on the left-hand side provides access to the different areas of the portal with the content areas being on the right. On the 'Home' screen, the content area contains a subset of Favorite and Recent items.

Favorites & Recent #

To speed up access to commonly used items, the portal provides a list of favorite and recently used items.

Recently used items are displayed in the order last used and are kept up to date automatically by the system.

Favorites can be added or removed by toggling the star (Screenshot) icon next to any report, wallboard or filter.

Workspaces #

Workspaces provide access to the main features of the product - Reports, Dashboards and Wallboards. They are an area where users can collaborate and share work, commonly at department or team levels. Users can be given access to one or more Workspaces with various permissions levels.

For more information, please refer to the Workspaces section.

Dashboards #

Dashboards are designed to provide supervisor and team leaders with the tools they need to manage users and keep track of customer experience.

For more information, please refer to the Dashboards section.

Wallboards #

Wallboards are designed to make key performance information available to a large number of users, on a large screen, either from a PC or from the dedicated app for Amazon Fire TV. They provide real-time updates on calls, including active calls, so that action can be taken to maintain service levels. Wallboards are customizable with images/videos to promote corporate brands and can also be configured with alarms to ensure potential issues are brought to a supervisor's attention.

For more information, please refer to the Wallboards section.

Reports #

Reports provide access to all historical call information stored within the system. They can be used to lookup specific calls, track system usage, user performance or to identify trends. Reports are fully customizable, can be rendered as grids or charts and can be exported to Excel.

For more information, please refer to the Reports section.

Filters #

Filters are used throughout the portal to ensure that the information being displayed relates to the required calls, queues, users etc. Filters created and stored in the workspace are available for all workspace users when running reports or configuring wallboards.

For more information, please refer to the Filters section.

Schedules #

Schedules can be used to run reports on a regular basis and have a link to them delivered via email. This saves time waiting for reports to be run.

For more information, please refer to the Filters section.