Getting Started

Getting Started #

This section is designed to provide an introduction on the different features the ~.Dimensions.~ solution to allow users to understand how to use and get the most out of it.

Document note
Some of the features listed below are controlled by licenses and may not be available to all user/customers.

User Interface #

Learn about the portal's user interface and how to navigate around. This includes an introduction to the concept of Workspaces and the separate Settings section.

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User Settings #

Each user has access a personal settings page where they can manage security (passwords, two-factor authentication..) and other settings such as an avatar and language preferences.

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Call Analytics #

Learn about how call analytics can be used to monitor staff performance and call traffic trends over time. This section covers details about all the core concepts of modeling call data to ensure that reports and real-time data can be interpreted correctly.

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Call Recording #

If it has been enabled against your account, ~.Dimensions.~ can provide access for users to playback their own or other peoples telephone calls. Learn how the call recordings can be accessed and where to go to configure access permissions.

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Contact Directories #

Contacts can be loaded into ~.Dimensions.~ so that phone calls can be matched to CRM data. This is useful for providing ~.UcClient.~ users with information on who is calling them as well as allowing ~.Dimensions.~ to add contact information to reports to help when analyzing call performance and customer experience.

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~.UcClient.~ Clients #

Where enabled, ~.UcClient.~ clients provide users with information on their telephone calls, allowing them to see who is calling them and why.

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