API Reference

Overview #

The API can be used to manage properties on your account. The information below outlines the format used for API requests and responses.

Resource Locations & Base URL #

Depending on the region your ~.Dimensions.~ instance is located in, there are different URLs for accessing the api resources. Please use the table below to find the correct base URL for your region.

Region Base URL
Australia / New Zealand https://api.au.myreports.cloud
Europe https://api.eu.myreports.cloud
North America https://api.na.myreports.cloud
United Kingdom https://api.uk.myreports.cloud

Once you have identified the base URL for you region, the format for any API requests is shown below:




API Interaction #

The API requires the use of JSON format definitions for the content of any requests. Any responses will be returned in JSON format using the following template:

	"data": {
		<returned data>
	"error": <errorCode>,
	"message": <message>,
	"status": <status>,
	"timestamp": <timestamp UTC>
Hand Left warning
Some fields may not always be returned

If the data returned is a collection, it will return an array with the page size.

	"page_size": "<number of items>",
	"data": [{
			"id": "90ce2cce-5b90-424b-b502-55924f140a48",
		}, {
			"id": "ec52f7b1-1b74-498e-a49b-59b71022c3a1",
	"status": "success",
	"timestamp": "<timestamp in UTC>"

API Resources #

The following table provides an outline of the resources the API provides access to:

Resource Description
Directories Query directories and manage individual directory items.

Each resource provides the following interfaces for interaction:

Interface Description
Get All Returns a collection of all items matching the resource type.
Get... Returns a specific instance of the resource type.
Create... Creates a new instance of a resource type.
Patch... Updates an existing instance of resource type.
Delete... Removes an existing instance of a resource type.